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The Song of the Depths

In the full-moon splendor 
surging, swelling, furrowing deep 
rise waves that break along 
the shores of language.

In my life-breath resounds 
the song of the depths, 
waves of feelings rise 
billowing, surging.

Making the waves effervesce, 
rays pull 
and extract foams of joy, 

lifting the whole ocean up,
moving each molecule of water, 
washing the dark with the moonlight, 
creating a great commotion.

In the splashing of each wave, 
in the commotion of the heart, 
the song of the depths resounds 
humming an unbroken melody.

(Translation: Padma Devkota. Original title: "Purnimako Jaladhi." First published inGorkhapatra of 1934, November 30 Marga 15, 1991 Friday. Considered by Biographer Nitya Raj Pandey to be the first published poem of Laxmi Prasad Devkota.)